We welcome you to the Despicable Punks

Charles Hoskinson Despicable Punk

About Us

We are pixel art focused NFT project. We aim to release more art and reward our holders. The team consist of the Artist and the Founder, a well known CNFT whale and crypto OG.


    • Release Statement
    We are currently researching meta verse integration and our own native token which we will airdrop to NFT holders but no promises are being made at this time.
    • Team Statement
    We will continue to update our roadmap as we go. We are taking things slow and one step at a time.
    • Art
    Art is handmade with no use of Artificial intelligence. Each NFT is unique. By purchasing one of our NFTs you are not just buying art but also becoming a member of the Despicable Punks family and ecosystem.

BabyApe (Despicable Wizard)

Renier (Despicable Artist)

3000 (Despicable Web & Mint Dev)